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Hi Im Dominid, Thank you for visiting my portfolio site.

Im a Graphic Designer based in Singapore.

Having great interest in drawing and art since I was a child, I turned this hobby of mine into a career after graduating from a local polytechnic.

I am currently working in a financial Internet media and technology company. I create illustrations for financial magazines that are showcased in my portfolio.

I find great interest in creating identities for companies by working with them closely to understand their needs to design a logo that best represent them.

With vast experience in print and web knowledge, I am confident of crafting a design based on your needs.



Disclaimer: A portion of the work shown on this website, both web and print, was created during my employment with my previous and current company. There are also some works in collaboration with and While I consider the pieces that I've shown to largely be a result of my concepts and design, however, as is always the case of working in a collaborative environment, I cannot take 100% credit for the final product. If you have any questions about specific portfolio pieces, please ask.

Each image belongs to its respective owner and original source. I do not own them or claim them as my own. The duplication and use of the works featured were used for showcasing purposes and demonstrating my designing skills.

Duplication or use of these images without written permission is prohibited.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio.